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OFFSET WINDVANE MOUNT? - I have a centrally-mounted stern ladder! Some of your competitors say that off center mounting is OK. Can the Monitor be mounted off center?

The idea of an offset mount is appealing to some sailors because of their swim ladder. It's been done, but it would be totally wrong unless you only talk about a few inches or if you have a multi hull.

We strongly advise that a windvane - any windvane, of any manufacturer - be installed on boat centerline. On a reach or upwind most boats heel a lot and with off center mounting the paddle would be too deep on one tack and possibly entirely out of the water on the other tack if the boat is pitching in heavy weather - which could be disastrous.


How well can this auxiliary rudder steer at this angle? Why does the skipper have his hand on the wheel?

The idea of mounting a windvane off-center to clear a ladder is like moving the boat's mast off to one side to make room for dinghy storage - the priorities are backwards. In our opinion the only reason why competitors recommend off center mounting is to make a sale to sailors who do not want to move a swim ladder that is mounted in the middle of the transom. Mariners have always entered boats at the middle of the boat for thousands of years - it's far safer than running the risk of being pounded under the transom in a heavy sea.

Monitors and Ladders

Southern Cross 39 "Billiken" - Juneau, Alaska

Yamaha 36 "Barefoot" - Seattle, Washington

Vancouver 32 "Reverie" - Poole, England

Crealock 40 "Nada" - Damariscotta, Maine. Built and owned by Nigel Calder - author, master mariner, and guru of marine electrical systems.

Heritage West Indies 33 "Jubilee" - Yakutat, Alaska

Maas 12.95 "Helios" - Hamburg, Germany

Columbia 50 "Jad" - Vancouver, British Columbia

Island Packet 44 "Dragonfly" - Southampton, England

An English Amphitrite 43, "Lancer No. 1", showing off her Monitor and traditionally-placed boarding ladder

"Robby" Robinson's Burns 35 "Rolling Stone". Note the clever foldaway boarding ladder on the starboard side.

Boats that have a 'scoop' transom with a central walkthrough and/or dropdown ladder can retain the use of those features by using our optional Monitor Swing-Gate mount - see complete detals at Swing-Gate Mount