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The Monitor stern light kit is here!

Existing Monitor sailors can now add a stern light to their Monitor Windvane.

The stern light has previously only been available as a factory-installed option on a new Monitor. Now any Monitor can have a stern light.
The new stern light retro-fit kit includes an Aqua-Signal LED stern light, stainless steel cover, mounting bracket, hardware and instructions.
The list price of the kit will be $195, but we are offering it until 31 May at the introductory price of $160.

Nouvelles excitantes!

Scanmar International, Inc. and Croix du Sud Marine, France team-up to offer the sailing and powerboating community the world’s leading anchor recovery system, the AnchorRescue.
San Leandro, CA – February 22, 2016
Scanmar International is excited to announce an agreement with Croix du Sud Marine to represent its anchor recovery gear for the cruising community in France, the Mediterranean basin, and Switzerland.
“We're excited by the opportunity for our customers to purchase Scanmar’s AnchorRescue system directly in France, the Med, and Switzerland and receive expert support from Croix du Sud Marine. Our two companies share a common business philosophy of providing the highest quality gear plus an unwavering commitment to deliver the best customer service in the industry. We look forward to working with and the Croix du Sud Marine team”. As accomplished and passionate sailors with extensive cruising experience, Pascale and Gerard Pascal bring a wealth of knowledge to their customer-base along with expert advice and local knowledge", says Mike Scheck, Scanmar’s President.
Croix du Sud Marine
Tél : 06 41 76 01 74 ou 04 50 56 37 19
E - Mail :
Site :

Scanmar International and Garhauer New Zealand Team-Up to Provide Monitor Windvanes Down Under
Richmond, CA – July 15, 2015

Scanmar International has announced an agreement with Garhauer New Zealand to represent its full line of windvane self-steering systems, emergency rudders, and anchor recovery gear to the cruising community Down Under.

“We're excited by the opportunity for our customers to purchase Scanmar products directly in New Zealand and receive expert support by Garhauer New Zealand. Our companies share a common business philosophy of providing the highest quality gear and an unwavering commitment to deliver the best customer service in the industry”, says Mike Scheck, Scanmar President.

“We look forward to working with Kevin Akast, Kathy Hutton and the entire Garhauer New Zealand team. As an accomplished sailor with extensive Monitor windvane experience, Kevin will be a tremendous resource to our customers in that part of the world”.

For more information, please contact:

Scanmar International
432 South 1st Street
Richmond, CA USA 94804-2107
Email and

Announcing the new Monitor windvane with integral LED stern light!

Based on customer requests, new Monitors can now be ordered with an accessory Aqua Signal series 34 LED stern light. The stern light’s power cable is run cleanly through the Monitor’s frame for convenient hookup to existing ships wiring. The light bracket and cover are Monitor-matching stainless steel providing a uniform finish and look. In the near future we will also be offering a retrofit light kit for those customers interested in fitting a stern light to their existing Monitor.

Where can you get an AnchorRescue in the Pacific Northwest?
You can always order online, and now you can shop in person for AnchorRescue at Marine Servicenter in Anacortes and Seattle.

Scanmar Acquires the AnchorRescue Product Line from Boxer Marine

Scanmar International, Inc. today announced it has acquired Boxer Marine’s AnchorRescue product line. As part of the agreement, Scanmar will also assume support for existing AnchorRescue customers upon completion of the acquisition. Headquartered in Cushing, Maine, Boxer Marine’s AnchorRescue system allows for retrieval of your valuable anchor assets when traditional means of recovery fail.

“The cost of an anchor and associated rode are often far beyond that of replacement.” says Mike Scheck, President of Scanmar. “Safety is compromised and depending on your location, a replacement anchoring system may not be available, impacting your cruising schedule. The AnchorRescue system is the first in a line of new products we plan to announce, all designed by cruisers for cruisers, yet addressing the needs of all boaters.”

Visit our AnchorRescue website:


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Looking for an emergency steering system? Go to Emergency Steering Systems in our FAQ section for a complete description of the systems we offer. If you're planning on purchasing a Monitor, or already have one, you can easily retrofit our M-Rud emergency steering conversion kit. If you want the security of full-time emergency steering capability along with windvane selfsteering, look at our Auto-helm auxiliary rudder system. If you don't want a windvane, and want just an emergency steering system, our SOS Rudder is the solution.

Up until now Scanmar has never mentioned competitors by name when discussing windvanes. We have produced a 'Windvanes 101' document that describes windvanes by their operating principles, and it has helped our clients to decide which system is best for their boat. However, we've seen that Hydrovane is making thinly veiled comparisons with our Monitor servo-pendulum system, and some statements, we believe, need answering. So, Hans Bernwall, the founder of Scanmar, has produced a comparison document. You can see it in the FAQ section of our website here

If you're unfamiliar with selfsteering, and don't know how servopendulum and auxiliary rudder systems work, visit Windvanes 101 for a complete crash course about windvane selfsteering.

An electronic selfsteering system works well when you're motoring, but do you really want to listen to your generator powering your autopilot when you're under sail? Remember, a windvane system draws no power, is silent, and costs nothing to run. A comprehensive discussion about both types of selfsteering can be found in our Windvane vs. Autopilot section.


Owners of boats with a central stern ladder on a reverse-slope transom who desire to use a windvane have had to make a sometimes difficult choice - lose the use of the ladder, or install a windvane well off-center - a solution that Scanmar does not recommend (see the page Offset Windvane Mount in our FAQ section).


Our new Sloped Swing-Gate mount solves the problem. A Monitor servo-pendulum windvane can be mounted on boat centerline straddling the stern ladder. The entire unit can be swung away to either side by removing the opposite locking pin, or it can be quickly removed by removing both pins.
Please contact us for details.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? If you want to see a Monitor in action on a tiller-steered boat, click here to see Graham Rabbitts' Monitor steering his Rustler 36 "Ariadne" in the Solent. (Please be patient; allow about 30 seconds for the download.)
For wheel-steered boats, here's Laura and Ross Emerson's Valiant 40, and Evan Waite's Swan47. We have a video of Bruce Balan's Cross 45 Mk. II trimaran crossing the Sea of Cortez. Finally, here's a clip taken on Harley Earl's Hans Christian 41T. "Here is a short video clip Jen and I shot in a clear air gale (35-40kts) that pushed us on a broad reach while on the way from NZ to S. Minerva Reef in May 2005. I hand steered for 20 minutes until my arms ached. The Monitor (Juliet) steered through the gale for 18 hours without incidence."

Are you looking for answers to specific questions about windvanes? You'll probably find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Monitor Windvane Monitor Windvane
  • Servo-pendulum principle
  • Stainless construction - stainless reputation
  • "The most popular windvane ever built" Bluewater Sailing, November 2003
  • Rated #1 in the ARC survey.
  • The ONLY windvane in BOC/AROUND ALONE
SwingGate AnchorRescue
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Never lose your anchor again.
SwingGate SwingGate
  • Optional mounting system for the Monitor windvane for boats with swim platforms.
  • The SwingGate mounting allows the entire Monitor to swing to the side.
Auto-Helm Auto-Helm
  • Auxiliary rudder/trimtab principle For the skipper who want the security of an emergency rudder and dislikes lines in the cockpit
  • The ideal windvane for boats with davits.
Saye's Rig Saye's Rig
  • Unique pendulum/trimtab on main rudder principle.
  • The favorite windvane for very large boats with hydraulic steering
  • Stainless steel emergency rudder that can be stored in your lazarette.
  • For the Cruising skipper without a windvane and for the racing skipper to meet ORC safety rules.