Monitor Windvane

Monitor Windvane

Using Monitor with Swim Ladders

"I have a swim ladder in the middle of the transom; can the Monitor be mounted to the side?"

Yes it can, but if you are serious about self-steering and want maximum performance, we strongly suggest that you move the swim ladder and put the windvane in the middle where it belongs. You would not have the mast off center to make room for the dinghy!

With the exception of boats with swim platforms, the boarding ladder on the transom is often impractical. The dinghy has a tendency to slide under the boat and on reverse transom boats the deck is too far away to unload your groceries and belongings. It is also higher. Most boats have antennas, radar mast, solar panels, fishing rods, BBQs, and outboards to name just a few items that are in the way.

Ocean Navigator: Mounting a vane off-center while leaving a swim ladder in place is like relocating wings on an airplane to better place the lavatory. Priorities should be steering and controlling a boat, not aesthetics or swimming convenience.

On the majority of boats, the swim ladder should have been placed midships where boats have been boarded for thousands of years. This is the lowest point of the deck and you can get close to the hull without sliding under the boat. If you insist to have the ladder on the transom, you can probably move it off center. Our favorite swim ladder solution is shown on the boat on the front cover of this brochure (midship on starboard side).

Emergency swim ladder

An additional benefit with the strong Monitor mounting system is that it also serves as an emergency swim ladder. As long as you can get to the back of the boat you should be able to climb back on board. The Monitor water paddle is shaped like a step and the mounting tubes are strong and easy to grab and step on.

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